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Albion Online: groggy and generally feel like

My body is used to 4 hours of sleep I've been doing this shit since you were in pamper's and I feel no fatigue on 4 hours. On the other hand when I sleep a full 8 hours I wake up groggy and generally feel like shit throughout the day. The only thing correct about your sentence might be the medical consequences but when i read through them more then half feel of that list fails to hold true for me. which leads me to point out there is opposing science to the 8 hour rule on Albion Online Gold regardless of all this science the most important thing for you to understand is every single human body is different and reacts uniquely to different living conditions & life styles.

Once again you are claiming I'm robbing my family ( significant other) of time / intimacy which I thought already pointed out "Where there is a will there is a way" Out of respect for my lady I will simply remind you I have 2 kids that were not delivered by a stork. That department is well covered. Someone else also pointed out that his wife / significant other games with him.

Playing games for a few hours a night doesn't make one a deadbeat. As an adult who has seen many friends & acquaintances Die / ruin their lives / lose there family's to drug addictions/ alcohol addictions / working too much. Trust me when I say There are much worse habits then playing games for a few hours a night especially when done responsibly.


I Simply cant understand why you don't see the chance to buy albion online gold. If you cannot / Don't want to commit the time to progress your character and want to be able to compete in GvG's there are Yellow zone territory for you and players like you. For the rest of us who can / are willing to commit the time to progress the red and black zones. Its that simple what exactly dont understand. Like someone else already pointed out, Its like you want instant gratification without putting forth the effort. This is how MMO's have always been and always will be.

Best part about this thread is we are arguing / discussing making a "pay to win" game balanced and fair. FFS you can buy currency with irl cash from the dev's

Albion Online: something like this implemented

Yes I would like to see something like this implemented. Both the WASD and the autorun. Autorun will not run you around dangers, just in a straight line so if that's at mobs... you will still die so still have to pay attention.


Camera: Yeah this is one of the most annoying to Buy Albion Online Gold... got killed by mobs recently due to this... guy spawned behind a tree and noticed me and attacked while I could not see him. Worse he was close to another enemy that I had been out of range of and called him over,


Sound: Yes I would like this too. but not a high priority so don't care when.

Friends: Eventually


Tanking: There are some weapons that do awesome jobs of holding aggro, Not sure which ones my guild use, but ask around

Repair: Yes please.


Destiny: I don't care about showing a specific 3 though my idea would be similar. Currently the filters are too broad. Would like the option on the destiny board to hide objectives so they won't show up in those goals below. Means if I have 10 goals I want to see and hide the rest then those 10 will rotate. I don't need to see unlocking Cursed, Frost and holy staves while leveling up my holy staff. which isn't even counting the armor fame being progressed at the same time.


Auto Dismount: Yes and No. To do this properly the right click move only would help but also for resources possibly another equipment slot for a tool would allow auto dismount for that one type of resource (So a pick axe would mean auto dismount for ores and only ores, but not wood or stone, not having a tool in that slot means no auto dismount on resources. or a toggle option for resources that you can change in inventory window for all the resource types on a yes or no basis?


UI Config, Emotes and Bank tabs : No. banks are limited in slots anyways so I fill up my bank slots way before I fill up weight meaning this is pointless.



Crafting allL NO your desciption here is not what that title says... you want to be able to craft any heavy armor and unlock multiple nodes... Sound good but a lot of larger guilds are going to want specialized crafters Cheap Albion Online Silver... so having those separate trees to focus means faster progression in a specific area.... Now on the other hand. having a craft quantity so you could say I have materials for 8 plate chests. I want to craft all 8 with the same abilities one click... I am ok with this.


Ox For Storage: This would be more equivalent to a pet with storage. I am sonewhat ok with this depending on how implemented. Would say use the same ox that is a mount. You get half movement speed you would have while mounted up but still have the increase weight limit of the ox. This would mean you wouldn't be able to out run people while not mounted but at the same time don't have to mount up to move half a step over to grab the next resource... Movement abilities would be disabled while the ox is out. So no blink, no run or flee from boots etc.


Salvaging. I agree with select a button then select items here. but still risky would more prefer a button like holding alt and right click auto moves items from inventory to the opposite window (bank, salvage, etc) and having the multiple spots to do more then one items at a time would be good.


Auction Search. The X at the and of the box does clear the safe albion online silver... a reset filters on the right side for drop down filters would be the only thing I can see you talking about (and not sure there isn't one?)

Albion Online: the guild for his profit

You guys are forgetting the root issue here, if your in a MMO, you have access to a large number of players to run this exploit on Cheap Albion Online Gold. Yes If you join a guild and the leader is clearly running the guild for his profit then you quit. But with the massive amount of other players in the game he just recruit more and does the same thing over and over. Take your personally feeling out and think about this as a developer / game designer.


The Deadlord GM had a fit and decide to remove everyone from the guild thus keeping all the guild resources for himself. Is this fair to the other guild members? No. Members of the guild didn't do anything wrong he just was having a bad day and hated the world. Now think about this after game launches if a player keeps all his stuff in a guild territory and his GM just boots everyone, how likely would the player quit the game? Its pretty likely..


Another example is a way a friend of mine would make money in this game was to create a fake guild and just invite a lot of new players he would find in the starting areas. There is nothing wrong with this but he would just do this on a alt character and just milk the newbe's for there tax Albion Online Powerleveling. Clearly his not intending to do anything with the guild then just using it as a source of income. How is this not a exploit of the game? Remember when the game launches there is going to be a large amount of newbe's to exploit.




Furthermore think about how any organization or government is structured in RL. When do you ever have a organization that has no way/ mechanic to remove bad leadership? A organization should live and die soul from one member.


So you have to trick the GM to becoming a officer to recruit, then you have a to invite a lot of your alts and friends into the guild. And at the same time have to make sure you have enough numbers to out vote the current GM or anyone else who wants to be the GM?


I believe this could happen but you have to agree this is a hard plan to implement, correct? vs current GM just gets mad and takes everyones stuff. Remember the golden rule absolute power corrupts albion online gold shop. So a GM who knows no one can take the Guild from him will be influenced from his power. This is just how ppl work, and in this game its no different.

You can just transmute everything in Albion Online

Yeah I know about that, but the part where you can just transmute everything upwards and what other means in order to get the resources you need to get. The reason why I don't consider the progression speed a problem is because progression is a one time thing (especially on release), and afterwards it simply becomes a nonfactor the older the game gets Albion Online Silver, where as upping the effort gathering/refining/crafting-wise is a thing that will always persist.


If the 6.4 items took the same effort it took to make 6.6s in SA as I stated above, they would still be relatively expensive even after a year.


Quite honestly, I'd much rather if transmuting didn't allow you to transmute higher in tier but into different resources instead. That way we could make the absolute highest tier stuff rare and possibly tie them into special events that guilds need to contest over for. For example, getting 8.4 metal is only possible from rare events like meteor hitting a random black cluster bringing the resources with it. No transmuting to 8.4s.


They need to reduce ALL the fame by like 50%, and IF they dont want to remove learning points to progress with Albion Online Gold, they need to limit you to like 50-100 on day 1 so that you actually want to save them or can only unlock 1 thing instead of EVERYTHING to like t5. Currently people are making alt accounts using learning points to craft themselves t5/t6 by spamming tools and using LP to progress. This is waaaaay too easy, The .3 rare mats are everywhere, no1 gathers them anymore because they want the .4 enchanted purples and those are easy to gather as well.



The big major issues are these, transmutator no matter the silver cost(rich always get richer) will always be unstable because you can turn lower tier resources into higher ones.....

Next, people spam leveling with LP to get into bigger dungeons on day one and grind 80-150 fame per mob.....Thats horrendous progression considering not even a week in people running around in 6.4 like its common with t7 tools... so what, end game is 1 month? GG your new map after what 2-3 months when people get bored?


Getting to t4 should be a hassle, getting to t5 should feel like an accomplishment after 2 weeks of grinding....Not telling yourself that if i grind the first week il be maxed..... Thats just stupid..


Its sad that im in top tear gear and i haven't touched a mob since the first day of this test with albion online silver farming....What kind of failed game mechanics are these for this to even be possible...


PLEASE DEVS LOWER THE FAME, SLOW THE PROGRESSION, LOWER OR REMOVE LP, REMOVE TRANSMUTATOR and then and only then you will have a chance at some sort of stability./rant over.

Albion Online: Such as Guilds

Focus on the best parts the most fun parts of the game, not everything is about items and progress and silver, -such as focus on the thrill of pking, focus on the risk the reward- that feeling of adrenaline- of danger with Albion Online Silver, to be pked or to be the pker- focus on all the shortcuts and know hows and information one would have as an experienced player that can easily rebuild it all with superior strategies- focus on making friend and forming guilds


- if you instead shift your focus to the fun thrilling things of the game, such as guilds, friends, killing people, having fun, making friends, chatting, crafting stuff, and gaining new skills and ways to progress it will be much easier to play without worrying yourself about the wipe, because you shouldnt be so worried because its a great game in and of itself


one last thing -skills gained is like muscle memory- muscle memory basically means- when you have already built a specific muscle such as a six pack or big biceps, even if you stop training for a while, and all the muscles gained shrinks, if you come back to train it again! it will rebuild so so fast, thats muscle memory! much faster then starting from scratch same as this game



do you seriously think, say for example, you progressed so far and just imagine a imaginary ranking system- and you were ranked five in this game, do you seriously think that after the wipe your progress will be lost and start all over and you wont be one of the strongest players??!! of course not... your Albion Online Gold, your knowledge, everything that makes you, and your muscle memory of course, you will get back to the previous position of progress thats probable and its quite easy too, and its a journey in and of itself


so enjoy everything and dont be discouraged about playing the game because of the wipe, but be encouraged by what ive said in this post


The problem is tiering up and getting crushed by guys who are in 6.6. Any new comer looking to come in and get geared up 9/10 will fail unless he has a guidl with likeminded new players being funded by OLDER players that have been here already.


When I initally came here I was thinking, sure I started playing 4months or so late, should be no problem catching up by simply grinding. Boy - was I almost completely wrong in that aspect.


In theory, I could continue to progress if I continued throwing money at the game. Or if I keep having my guild fund new gear. Unfortunately - neither one of those answers is good for me.


At this point in time the game is just not complete. The weapons are bland. The armor is a joke seriously the entire armor mechanic needs to be reworked with albion online silver farming. Love the game, but by the time I finally catch up there will be a wipe so no point in me wasting time on a game playing catch up at this point.

The Short Intro of Albion Online

Hi there, It's been my 2nd day in Albion, and it's not hard to notice and come to realize it's heavy crafting and farming mechanics. No doubt, its a sandbox game / mmorpg.

Here are the following questions caused for Albion Online Silver reading concerned. It's presumed positive side might be it's flawed position into the structure of the game.


1) Personal Player's Island - This would somehow upset the Great idea of the game in market trade. The game involves a real world stock like market trading system. That's cool, seeing and experiencing the fluctuation of the economics and values of the items changes each day. Demands and supplies met. However, with the 'PLAYER'S ISLAND', player is able to farm resources in their own 'Safe Haven'. This would upset the trading market in the game globally as players are able to farm food, goats, chicken, cows and even rearing a horse. It should be limited somehow to how much a player can reap from this benefit. Not to mention the abundance to craft a gear which the main part of the game consist of pvp looting. It would discourage people to get into pvp to covet opponent inventory items but personal farming until it reaches it's own satisfactory before stepping into pvp zones.


2) Zones - I realized there are 4 zones. Green, Yellow, Red, Black. The idea of zones is encouraging yet demean the main concept of the game, 'OPEN WORLD'. It could discourage players to really step into the function of 'Albion Online Powerleveling', because of the game introduction of looting. Players would then stay at their safe zone until they feel they are really competent to step into a challenge. Yet, when one experience death and loots by others. The penalty of losing equipment will shy the same player who faces death from stepping into 'PVP' Zones again until they feel they are strong or compete by joining guilds for a 'ZERGING'. The aspect of this is called 'ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY'
Zones should be limited to just 2. A safe and unsafe zones. Green or Black.


3) Repeated Creatures in same area - Respawn of same creatures in same area in a 'OPEN WORLD' game!? With the current technology and to feel the real world and diversity of MMO. Randomness should be encourage. Games like 'Reign of Kings, Dragon Dogma, Skyrim'. This are games that players will remember for more than a decade and the experience never fade away. I should not compare the genre with AO, but it will be encouraging to see AO do it. Perhaps randomness of a strong creature appearing only at night in a cluster randomly. This would remind Albion's warriors to traverse in the world of AO takes alot of courage and with friends to fight together.

The market is based on resources which are found only in the open world. Player islands while they may be cheaper to use then city lots, they do not offer any resource rebates. In the lower levels it is not such a big deal getting a 19% return of resources that you can get from the city or a 35% from black zone territories but when you are dealing with high end rare resources the profits stack up.



The islands at also as a balance control against players trying to abuse the city taxes. A building can be set to as high as a 999% tax to use it meaning if there were no islands and only limited buildings then every single new player joining the game is at the mercy of these 999% prices to Buy Albion Online Silver. There would be nothing to give owners a reason to price guague lower I mean after all what is the player going to do if all Hunters lodges are 999%? They wont beable to craft their bows anywhere else.


You might have some misinformed information about player islands as they do not allow the farming of resources safely. Instead they only support buildings. Players have to venture into the open world to get resources and in the case of T6, T7 and T8 resources they have to go into PvP zones. has the professional Technology Team and Sales Team. With the fast development of world internet technology, we can prvide Albion Online Silver, Albion Online Gold and so on.

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