The Short Intro of Albion Online

Hi there, It's been my 2nd day in Albion, and it's not hard to notice and come to realize it's heavy crafting and farming mechanics. No doubt, its a sandbox game / mmorpg.

Here are the following questions caused for Albion Online Silver reading concerned. It's presumed positive side might be it's flawed position into the structure of the game.


1) Personal Player's Island - This would somehow upset the Great idea of the game in market trade. The game involves a real world stock like market trading system. That's cool, seeing and experiencing the fluctuation of the economics and values of the items changes each day. Demands and supplies met. However, with the 'PLAYER'S ISLAND', player is able to farm resources in their own 'Safe Haven'. This would upset the trading market in the game globally as players are able to farm food, goats, chicken, cows and even rearing a horse. It should be limited somehow to how much a player can reap from this benefit. Not to mention the abundance to craft a gear which the main part of the game consist of pvp looting. It would discourage people to get into pvp to covet opponent inventory items but personal farming until it reaches it's own satisfactory before stepping into pvp zones.


2) Zones - I realized there are 4 zones. Green, Yellow, Red, Black. The idea of zones is encouraging yet demean the main concept of the game, 'OPEN WORLD'. It could discourage players to really step into the function of 'Albion Online Powerleveling', because of the game introduction of looting. Players would then stay at their safe zone until they feel they are really competent to step into a challenge. Yet, when one experience death and loots by others. The penalty of losing equipment will shy the same player who faces death from stepping into 'PVP' Zones again until they feel they are strong or compete by joining guilds for a 'ZERGING'. The aspect of this is called 'ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY'
Zones should be limited to just 2. A safe and unsafe zones. Green or Black.


3) Repeated Creatures in same area - Respawn of same creatures in same area in a 'OPEN WORLD' game!? With the current technology and to feel the real world and diversity of MMO. Randomness should be encourage. Games like 'Reign of Kings, Dragon Dogma, Skyrim'. This are games that players will remember for more than a decade and the experience never fade away. I should not compare the genre with AO, but it will be encouraging to see AO do it. Perhaps randomness of a strong creature appearing only at night in a cluster randomly. This would remind Albion's warriors to traverse in the world of AO takes alot of courage and with friends to fight together.

The market is based on resources which are found only in the open world. Player islands while they may be cheaper to use then city lots, they do not offer any resource rebates. In the lower levels it is not such a big deal getting a 19% return of resources that you can get from the city or a 35% from black zone territories but when you are dealing with high end rare resources the profits stack up.



The islands at also as a balance control against players trying to abuse the city taxes. A building can be set to as high as a 999% tax to use it meaning if there were no islands and only limited buildings then every single new player joining the game is at the mercy of these 999% prices to Buy Albion Online Silver. There would be nothing to give owners a reason to price guague lower I mean after all what is the player going to do if all Hunters lodges are 999%? They wont beable to craft their bows anywhere else.


You might have some misinformed information about player islands as they do not allow the farming of resources safely. Instead they only support buildings. Players have to venture into the open world to get resources and in the case of T6, T7 and T8 resources they have to go into PvP zones.