You can just transmute everything in Albion Online

Yeah I know about that, but the part where you can just transmute everything upwards and what other means in order to get the resources you need to get. The reason why I don't consider the progression speed a problem is because progression is a one time thing (especially on release), and afterwards it simply becomes a nonfactor the older the game gets Albion Online Silver, where as upping the effort gathering/refining/crafting-wise is a thing that will always persist.


If the 6.4 items took the same effort it took to make 6.6s in SA as I stated above, they would still be relatively expensive even after a year.


Quite honestly, I'd much rather if transmuting didn't allow you to transmute higher in tier but into different resources instead. That way we could make the absolute highest tier stuff rare and possibly tie them into special events that guilds need to contest over for. For example, getting 8.4 metal is only possible from rare events like meteor hitting a random black cluster bringing the resources with it. No transmuting to 8.4s.


They need to reduce ALL the fame by like 50%, and IF they dont want to remove learning points to progress with Albion Online Gold, they need to limit you to like 50-100 on day 1 so that you actually want to save them or can only unlock 1 thing instead of EVERYTHING to like t5. Currently people are making alt accounts using learning points to craft themselves t5/t6 by spamming tools and using LP to progress. This is waaaaay too easy, The .3 rare mats are everywhere, no1 gathers them anymore because they want the .4 enchanted purples and those are easy to gather as well.



The big major issues are these, transmutator no matter the silver cost(rich always get richer) will always be unstable because you can turn lower tier resources into higher ones.....

Next, people spam leveling with LP to get into bigger dungeons on day one and grind 80-150 fame per mob.....Thats horrendous progression considering not even a week in people running around in 6.4 like its common with t7 tools... so what, end game is 1 month? GG your new map after what 2-3 months when people get bored?


Getting to t4 should be a hassle, getting to t5 should feel like an accomplishment after 2 weeks of grinding....Not telling yourself that if i grind the first week il be maxed..... Thats just stupid..


Its sad that im in top tear gear and i haven't touched a mob since the first day of this test with albion online silver farming....What kind of failed game mechanics are these for this to even be possible...


PLEASE DEVS LOWER THE FAME, SLOW THE PROGRESSION, LOWER OR REMOVE LP, REMOVE TRANSMUTATOR and then and only then you will have a chance at some sort of stability./rant over.